This Kpop Groups' Contract Will End in 2020
Approximately which K-Pop groups will end their contract in 2020? It's no secret that most K-Pop groups in South Korea have an average contract with an agency for 7 years.

After the contract ends, group members can decide that they will stay with the agency or choose to go their own way. Korean netizens on the Pann site recently released a list of K-Pop groups whose contract period will expire this year.

The various K-Pop groups started from Red Velvet, WINNER, MAMAMOO, GOT7, Lovelyz, and LABOUM who both debuted in 2014.

Netizens then discuss about group which have a big chance to extend their contract. Like some of the comments of Korean netizens:

"I think Red Velvet will extend their contract. Wendy and Seulgi haven't even debuted solo, and now Seulgi has sub-units. So I'm sure that they will extend the contract. Yeri also has her own program and Joy also works hard for individual promotions,"

"Red Velvet still hasn't used all of their 'images.' Visually they are still beautiful and fresh. The song 'Psycho' previously also got good results on the music chart, so I'm sure they will extend the contract. I really like their songs, so I also hope they will extend the contract,"

"Lovelyz is already 7 years? I think they are still rookie. Their image still feels fresh, but time passes quickly. I hope they make music in a long time. I never get bored with their songs,"

"Has the 2014 group entered the contract extension step? I was really shocked. Even though I feel it hasn't been long since the idol in 2011 extended their contract, where did the three years go? ”

"I think WINNER, Red Velvet and MAMAMOO will extend the contract,"
and many other comments.

In your opinion, which K-Pop group will extend their contract this year? (
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