Kim Woo Seok Mention BTS' V as the Most Handsome K-Pop Idol
Kim Woo Seok recently called BTS' V is the most handsome K-Pop idol. This was revealed by him when present on the MBC FM4U radio program hosted by comedian Kim Shin Young.

He was present on the radio program in order to promote his solo debut mini album titled ‘1ST DESIRE [GREED]’.

At first Kim Shin Young asked how the fans would react when they saw his handsome face, Kim Woo Seok replied, "My fans often say that my eyes are the most attractive part of my face."

Because Kim Woo Seok was often included in the best K-Pop idol list, Kim Shin Young then asked him whose the most handsome K-Pop idol according to him.

Hearing this question, Kim Woo Seok unhesitatingly answered BTS' V. He explained, "Of all the K-Pop idols, I think V is the most handsome idol."

Along with the mini album '1ST DESIRE [GREED]', Kim Woo Seok has also previously released a music video for the main song titled 'Red Moon'. (
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