BTS Suga Reveals There's Someone Who Infected COVID-19 Near The D-2 Mixtape Production Location
BTS' Suga recently shocked fans after telling the story behind the making of the 'D-2' mixtape. The story was told by the rapper with the stage name Agust D when holding a live broadcast on V Live on Friday (05/29).

In South Korea, every citizen will get an SMS message if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case in a nearby location. While producing the 'D-2' mixtape, Suga explained there was a confirmed COVID-19 case near the studio where he made the 'D-2' mixtape.

He said, "There was a COVID-19 case confirmed when I was working on a mixtape. They said we had to go out and do quarantine. That might have happened when the teaser just came out."

He added, "Grateful, the producer crew had entered the studio three days before and had completed the mixtape production process," he concluded.

Suga himself recently ruled the iTunes charts worldwide when releasing the mixtape 'D-2' and the main song 'Daechwita'. (
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