Big Hit Entertainment Rumored To Have Acquired Pledis Entertainment Again
Big Hit Entertainment is again rumored to be acquiring Pledis Entertainment agency. On Monday (05/18) The Fact media reported on the acquisition process carried out by Big Hit Entertainment against Pledis Entertainment.

As they said, "The two companies have completed the final negotiation step for the merger of the two companies and have signed a contract." According to The Fact, the two companies only need to announce this to public.

A resource person also said, "Pledis Entertainment recently held a discussion with their artists about Big Hit Entertainment's acquisition of the agency."

However when confirmed by Star News, Big Hit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment only said, "Various opportunities are open to us, but nothing has been decided yet."

The news about Big Hit Entertainment's acquisition of Pledis Entertainment first appeared in January 2020. Not long ago Big Hit Entertainment has also announced several new CEOs assigned to handle various sectors in the company. (

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