This Choreographer Apologizes After Accusing BLACKPINK's Lisa of Copying Her Works A choreographer expressed her apology after accusing BLACKPINK's Lisa of copying her work. Through her Instagram account, a choreographer named Cierra Nichols said that Lisa had plagiarized her work.

As she wrote in the story, "In today's episode of 'Let's Steal from Black People'. A Korean singer gets 7.8 million views in a day using most of your choreography. Love that for us."
Through the comments column on his YouTube channel, Cierra Nichols also wrote, "Because Lisa and her choreographer have copied my movements."

The fans then defended Lisa by stating that the choreography of QUIN and 6LACK's "Mushroom Chocolate" was made by a choreographer named Cheshir Ha.

Fans admitted they were surprised why Cierra Nichols didn't ask Cheshir Ha directly, remembering they followed each other on Instagram, and instead accused Lisa of plagiarizing her choreography.

That made fans accuse Cierra Nichols just wanting to get the attention of K-Pop fans, as she had previously participated as a dancer for Hyolyn.

After getting a lot of criticism from Lisa fans, Cierra Nichols finally expressed her apologies on Instagram. The choreographer has also locked her Twitter account.

In this statement Cierra Nichols apologized to Lisa, YG Entertainment and choreographer Cheshir Ha. She also clarified that their choreography did have similarities, but she was sure that Cheshir Ha or Lisa did not copy the choreography at all. (

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