Kim Jaejoong's Reality Show Threatened To Be Stopped Because of The Coronavirus Prank
Kim Jaejoong's reality show program entitled 'Travel Buddies' is threatened to be stopped. The latest episode of 'Travel Buddies' program will initially air on YouTube on April 4th, 2020, since it premiered two months ago.

However, on Thursday (04/02) representatives from the South Korean entertainment industry reported that the program maybe will stop airing because of the controversy caused by Kim Jaejoong.

As has been previously reported, Kim Jaejoong had made the fans worried after claiming that he infected by the coronavirus.

Shortly after making fans shocked, Kim Jaejoong immediately clarified that he was only joking for April Fools.

Aside from his program being threatened with being stopped, Kim Jaejoong was also threatened with punishment from the authorities for spreading false information and causing unrest among the people. (
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