Kim Jaejoong Claims Infected by Coronavirus is Just an April Fools' Day Joke
Kim Jaejoong clarified about his post regarding infected by coronavirus. After writing an Instagram post that contained the message that he had infected by coronavirus, Kim Jaejoong is now editing the post with a new statement.

In this article he clarifies that he is posting only for April Fools' Day joke and he hopes that people are more concerned and careful about the coronavirus.

As he wrote, "What happens if the person you love and the most valuable in your life is infected with the corona virus? That is a sad thing. Even so, there were still many people who still on the road, as if that would not happen to them. Many people are worried that their families and loved ones might get infected because of people like that."

"Thinking that you and the people around you are always safe can cause big problems. Lots of my friends and staff also saw their relatives infected with the corona virus. This is not a far story. I don't think you can end it by just crying when carelessness becomes disastrous. Let's stay always alert."

"This prank is too much for April Fools, many people worry about me for a short time. This is not something that can only happen to others. I want to tell everyone that protecting yourself is the solution to protect others as well. I will receive the proper punishment for this prank. I hope you guys stay healthy,"
he wrote. (
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