Kang Daniel's Agency Will Monitoring Comments on the Internet for 24 Hours
Kang Daniel's agency, KONNECT Entertainment announced their plans to monitor comments on the internet for 24 hours. This news was delivered by the agency on Wednesday (01/04), "Last year, we have sued two accounts for spreading false rumors, sexual harassment, defamation, invasion of privacy, etc., which made our artists, family members and fans feel stressed and wronged."

The agency continued, "Starting April 1st, 2020, KONNECT Entertainment plans to strengthen the company's legal team, by working with LIWU Law Group's Clean Internet Center, strengthening 24-hour online surveillance and using more efficient professional tactics to combat false comments and rumors."

"The Clean Internet Center of LIWU Law Group will be responsible for legal actions against the culture of bad comments, which were recently born as a side effect of the evolution of the internet,"
the agency concluded.

According to KONNECT Entertainment, later Clean Internet Center will see all comments addressed to Daniel through social media platforms, forums, media portals, and so on. (www.onkpop.com)
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