Big Hit Entertainment Reports Their Income in 2019
Big Hit Entertainment officially reported their income in 2019. Based on documents released by Big Hit Entertainment on March 31, 2020, they earned 587.2 billion Won and a profit of 98.7 billion Won during 2019.

This is the highest annual income ever achieved by Big Hit Entertainment since the company was first established. When compared to revenues in 2018, total income has increased by 95%, while profits have increased by 24%.

This huge income and profit is certainly inseparable from the success obtained by BTS in 2019, starting from album sales to BTS world tour concert.

In addition, in 2019 Big Hit Entertainment also debuted a rookie TXT boy group and acquired the Source Music agency that houses the girl group GFRIEND.

A representative from Big Hit Entertainment commented, "In 2019, Big Hit improves corporate structure through a multi-label system and also maintains high growth and accumulates large revenues."

"As BTS shows results that have never been achieved by domestic artists before, the growth of TXT and GFRIEND and our trainees are well preserved. Through the expansion of our artist's intellectual property, which combines our professional corporate system and diverse business models, we can expect even greater growth" the agency concluded. (
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