Had Expected G-Dragon, Apparently This is The Male Identity on Lee Joo Yeon's Instagram
Finally revealed the identity of the man on Lee Joo Yeon's Instagram account. Later Lee Joo Yeon caused a stir among fans after uploading a photo on Instagram. The photo shows the figure of a mysterious man whose face is invisible on the camera.

The fans then suspected that the man in the photo was BIGBANG's G-Dragon. As we know, Lee Joo Yeon has been involved in rumors of dating G-Dragon several times before.

OSEN media later reported that the photo belonged to a CEO of an online shopping center. The man re-uploaded Lee Joo Yeon's photo from Instagram and wrote, "Is this me ??"

A friend of the man also told OSEN, "The photo came from his Instagram account which was uploaded in March 2016. He is the owner of an online shopping center that sells men's clothing," he said.

Through the comments column on Lee Joo Yeon's Instagram account, fans also clarified that the man in the photo is not G-Dragon and she took the photo through the Pinterest website. (www.onkpop.com)

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