APink's Chorong Gives Support for MAMAMOO's Solar Solo Debut
Solar, who just made her solo debut some time ago, received support from her senior, APink's Chorong. One of MAMAMOO's personnel, Solar is currently busy with the schedule of promoting her solo debut for 'Spit It Out'. Appear in various music programs to bring new songs to be one of them.

While promoting on the music program 'M! Countdown' Mnet, Solar received a visit from APink's  Chorong who also made a comeback promotion for 'Dumdurum'.

Chorong also uploaded a photo of her and Solar at the backstage, showing their closeness by posing so close that they leaned their heads against each other.

Various fans were happy with the support shown by Chorong and Solar by writing, "Mamapink forever", "So sweet", "I support them" and many more. (www.onkpop.com)
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