Involved in Driving When Drunk, Fly To The Sky's Hwanhee Will Be Inspected By The Police
Fly To The Sky's Hwanhee will be examined by police after being involved in a driving case while drunk. Based on a report from SBS FunE on Saturday (03/21), Hwanhee caused a car accident while driving drunk this morning.

At that time Hwanhee was reportedly driving his own car, but it was unknown what object he had hit in the accident.

Shortly after the accident occurred, police immediately came to the location and gave several questions to Hwanhee. The vocalist of Fly To The Sky later admitted that he did drive drunk.

According to the police, at that time Hwanhee's blood alcohol level reached 0.06% and there were no fatalities from the accident.

A complete investigation regarding this car accident will be undertaken by Hwanhee in the Yongin Police Department in the near future. (
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