Banana Culture Entertainment Agency is Rumored Will Close Its Business
Banana Culture Entertainment is rumored to be officially closed soon. On Wednesday (03/25), LE announced that she had officially terminated her contract with Banana Culture Entertainment. LE became the last EXID member to leave the agency, after previously Hani, Junghwa, Hyerin and Solji.

A few hours after news of LE's exit from the agency appeared, South Korean media now reported that Banana Culture Entertainment would soon be closed.

According to the report, in addition to EXID members, all executive staff and employees at the Banana Culture Entertainment have also left the company.

A resource person said, "Banana Culture Entertainment ended the entire contract with the artist. All executive staff and employees have left the company. If actors Lee Jung Hyun and Han Seung Ri also leave, then everything will be officially closed. There are absolutely no staff left,"

Even so, this news has still not been confirmed directly by Banana Culture Entertainment. (
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