Mnet's 'Idol School' Program Staff Possibility Will Be Detained
Staff from the 'Idol School' survival program possibility will be detained by the police. CP Kim from 'Idol School' along with several other staff attended an interview in court on Monday (02/17) at 10.30 KST.

The interview aims to determine whether the court will issue an secrete warrant for CP Kim and other 'Idol School' staff.

The arrest warrant was submitted because the staff of 'Idol School' were also suspected of having committed acts of voting manipulation.

Previously, the ‘Idol School’ staff only revealed 2700 votes, even though according to fans they had sent more than 5000 votes.

If the court approves the arrest warrant, then CP Kim and the staff will later undergo an investigation for cases of manipulation of votes from behind bars.

‘Idol School’ is a survival program on Mnet in 2017 which debuts a girl group fromis_9. (
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