TWICE's Momo Write a Letter to Fans After Confirmed Dating
TWICE's Momo wrote a letter to fans a few days after confirmed dating. This letter was released via TWICE official website on Monday (01/06), almost a week after she and Super Junior's Heechul were confirmed dating.

Through the letter Momo wrote, "There are many things I want to convey to ONCE, so I don't know whether this letter will be well organized or not. But I wanted to write a letter, so now I write it. This is the fifth time I welcome a new year with ONCE! The time we spend together feels very long, but also feels short. Whatever happens, I'm always reminded of the many memories I made with ONCE."

"Every ONCE might have different memories that they make with us every year, and I also make different memories with ONCE every year. And what is left in my memory is also different. So in 2020, I want to give back the abundant happiness and memories that I received from ONCE in 2019, and my goal is to create more pleasant memories for ONCE and communicate more often.”

"But I surprised ONCE in the beginning of 2020, so I really feel sorry. To be honest, I pondered a lot about whether I should write this letter. Whether this letter will further hurt ONCE. Is it better if I don't do anything for ONCE. I am very careful, but because I often communicate with ONCE, I want to communicate with ONCE in my own way, so I write this letter.”

"When I was little, I started being a trainee just because I liked dancing, because I liked singing, because I wanted to be a singer, because I wanted to be a celebrity, and for reasons like that. And fortunately, I was able to meet an extraordinary family named TWICE. And while I was part of TWICE, I met ONCE."

"Of course, I like dancing and singing. But I also like to communicate with ONCE, and every thing like that makes me happy. So after I worked, on my way home, I thought, ‘Oh, I want to talk to ONCE,’ and often do VLive broadcasts that make our managers tired. Editing and uploading videos is not something I do. I just did it thinking that ONCE would like it. And taking videos is not work. I went out to have fun during the break, and it was very fun. That's what makes me do those things."

"Doing things really doesn't feel like it works for us. We really want to be close to ONCE, and that's what I really like. When I see ONCE feeling happy because of us, it makes me happy. When we had a seven hour VLive broadcast, ONCE got tired, but I really enjoyed it. I'm not trying to brag that I'm doing this much. I want to tell you that this is what I think about ONCE. I am truly grateful to ONCE for communicating with me and giving me so much strength. ONCE always gives us support, and we want to give you that much support."

"I am always proud of ONCE and you are very valuable to me. I don't know if my words are well organized, but I hope that at least a little of my sincerity with ONCE will reach all of you. 2020 is just begin, so health is a top priority for ONCE and TWICE!"

"Everyone will have their difficulties, and there will be annoying or difficult things happening to us, but I hope ONCE will experience more happy things than difficult things."

"From now on, I want to make more beautiful memories for ONCE. I'm sorry and I'm really grateful! Thank you for reading this long letter even though I'm not very good at talking. Happy New Year, ONCE!"
She wrote. (
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