TWICE's Jihyo Gave an Explanation Behind Her Inconsistent Presence During 2019 MAMA
TWICE's Jihyo spoke about her absence during the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards that was held in Osaka, Japan on December 4. She did not appear when the group received an award.

Sunday (01/05), Jihyo communicated with fans in their official VLive chatroom before attending the 34th Golden Disc Awards. During the chat, Jihyo gave an explanation behind her inconsistent presence during 2019 MAMA.

"At MAMA, you know how I can't perform on stage at certain times. I explain because it seems that there are some people who seek attention whining ('oong-ang-oong-ing') about it. I'm sick. I'm sorry. Because it would be nice to have some material to criticize me. But there's not much I can do to prevent pain," Jihyo wrote.

However Jihyo's explanation actually reaped various criticisms. Some netizens responded negative because they thought the way she explain was too sarcastic and sneering.

Especially, Jihyo's choice of words "oong-ang-oong-ing" is a concern. The term is slang which seems often used to provoke male.

"The manner of her speak is very rude," 

"I have to admit that I was surprised to hear Jihyo uses phrases like that," 

"It seems like celebrities lately are really blocking anything they don't want to hear and just trying to hear the good one. They treat even the slightest criticism as hateful comments and threaten lawsuits,"

"You can see what kind of person she is with sees the words she uses," 

"This is the first time I have seen a female group member use words like this to fans who were worried wondering why she is not on stage. And on the chat application that fans must pay to join. Why does she treat them like attention seekers?"
In the middle of the controversy, many fans left support comments for Jihyo, with several messages such as, 

"Shouldn't the idol be angry?"

"The explanation is very clear and free of misunderstandings"

"She is very cool"

"It's not like she's cursing or anything" 

"Jihyo said that to the haters in the chatroom who fabricated rumors and wrote malicious comments." (

TWICE's Jihyo Gave an Explanation Behind Her Inconsistent Presence During 2019 MAMA

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