TREASURE Confirmed Will Debut Without Ha Yoonbin
YG Entertainment has confirmed the debut plan of their new boy group, TREASURE. On Monday morning (01/06) YG Entertainment uploaded the first teaser photo for the boy group through an official social media account.

Unlike the previous plan, this boy group will debut with 12 members, without Ha Yoonbin.

Previously, this boy group was divided into two units, namely TREASURE and MAGNUM, and combined into TREASURE 13. However, now the group is no longer divided into two, but will do promotions as a group using the name TREASURE.

This boy group was previously not allowed to participate in song production, but now YG Entertainment has allowed it. That's because the songs made by members of the group during their postponed debut have received a lot of approval from fans.

YG Entertainment also announced that as of December 31, 2019, Ha Yoonbin had officially left the group. The decision was taken by YG Entertainment because Ha Yoonbin wanted a career as a solo artist, so they agreed to terminate his contract.

TREASURE will begin to release a teaser for their debut in January 2020. (

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