BTS' RM Talk About The Controversy of Sajaegi
BTS' RM has recently speak out against the controversy of sajaegi which is currently being hot topic. This was conveyed by him when he welcomed the award trophy at the 34th ‘Golden Disc Awards’ second day which was held at the Gocheok Sky Dome on Sunday (01/05) yesterday.

When welcoming the award trophy, the BTS leader expressed his gratitude to ARMY and remembers when they first debuted.

He then alluded to the issue of sajaegi by saying, "There is one thing I want to talk about too. We are blessed with a lot of luck and thank you because all of you, we can say whatever we want."

"However, there are still many artists who can't do the same thing, and make music sincerely in a place we can't see. I hope that in 2020, their efforts and sincerity will not be in vain, and they will be known by many people in a fair manner. I hope things done wrongly in the 2010s, can stop after the end of the 2010s," he said.

Recently, the issue of sajaegi has been blow up again by South Korean's citizen, especially after Block B's Park Kyung blatantly mentions the artists who did mediation have become exclusive discussions in the 'Unanswered Questions' program. (
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