This Former Member of the Popular Girl Group Amazed The Audiences of 'King of Masked Singer'
A former member of the popular girl group shocked the viewers of the 'King of Masked Singer'. On Sunday (05/01) the 'King of Masked Singer' program aired their latest episode.

There were two singers competing in the third round, namely masked singer Bruce Lee who performed the song 'Don't Go Today' by Im Se Jun and masked singer On My Way who sang 'Another Beginning' by Seo Ji Won.

Although both presented their best performances, Bruce Lee success to surpass with the acquisition of scores of 56 and 43 votes respectively.

On My Way then opened the mask and the audience immediately shouted excitement, because she was the former member of 2NE1, Park Bom. After removing her mask, Park Bom said, "I tried to sing in a slightly different way, but I was very surprised because many people knew that it was me."

She stated that the reason she wanted to star in 'King of Masked Singer' program was because of "My Father" and "Before becoming a singer, I was a big fan of singer Seo Ji Won. I once vowed to put the song on my album if I became a singer and I realize that dream on this stage.”

Regarding her solo career, "Standing alone on the stage without my members is very difficult, but I also grateful for the opportunity that has been given," she said.

You can watch Park Bom's performance on the 'King of Masked Singer' program through the following video! (

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