Red Velvet Wins Second Trophy for 'Psycho' and Sets New Record on 'Music Core'
Red Velvet again made achievements with their new song, 'Psycho'. On Saturday (04/01), SM Entertainment girl group managed to get the winning trophy in 'Music Core'.

This time the trophy was won by Red Velvet after gaining a score 10895 points for 'Psycho' from the album 'The ReVe Festival: Finale'.

Despite not appearing in music program, Red Velvet defeated the songs 'Blueming' by IU and 'METEOR' by Changmo who won 5050 and 6151 points respectively.

In addition, Red Velvet also managed to set a new record by gaining the highest score in 'Music Core', beating the song 'Good Luck' BEAST, as well as 'Fake Love' and 'Boy With Luv' BTS which previously won a total of 10000 points.

Congratulations to Red Velvet and ReVeluv! (

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