Pledis Entertainment Denies NU'EST W Do Sajaegi and Demand An Apology from ‘Unanswered Questions’
Pledis Entertainment finally spoke up about the rumors that were happening to NU'EST W. On Saturday (01/04) yesterday the ‘Unanswered Questions’ program aired a special episode discussing about the strategy or practice of manipulating music charts.

The program shows their exclusive interview with a man who claims his account has been used for practicing mediation. The man claimed get an email saying that someone else used his account to buy the song, and one of the songs seen in the email was 'Dejavu' by NU'EST W.

Responding to the report program 'Unanswered Questions', Pledis Entertainment immediately gave their official statement. The agency said, "Before we gave our statement on this matter, we clearly announced that our agency had never committed illegal or sajaegi."

"It is unfortunate that on the broadcast of 'Unanswered Questions' on SBS, when a man stated, 'Someone else is buying music using his account', in an interview about the mediator, the e-mail that aired seemed to get our artists involved in the practice of sajaegi."

"Our artists, who worked hard for several years, have suffered serious losses from defamation, speculation and rumors that are spreading due to the broadcast of 'Unanswered Questions'."

"Therefore, we ask 'Unanswered Questions' to admit and apologize for the production error by broadcasting the group's name as 'the artist who allegedly did sajaegi', even though the issue is not at all related to our artist so that they are editing on the rebroadcast . Thank you,"
concluded the agency. (
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