The 34th Golden Disc Awards Reveal Their Reasons for Removing IZ*ONE and X1 from Nominations List
The 34th Golden Disc Awards revealed the reason they had excluded IZ*ONE and X1 from the nomination list. As fans know, the two groups made by 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X101' are known have not included in the nominations at the 34th annual Golden Disc Awards.

After holding the first day awards ceremony on January 4, 2020 yesterday, the 34th 'Golden Disc Awards' gave an explanation of the exclusion of IZ*ONE and X1 from the nomination list.

According to them, previously IZ*ONE and X1 had been included in the nomination, but the two groups were finally excluded after they had discussions through the first and second meetings.

They explained, "The nominations were chosen based on quantitative assessments. However, because the 'Produce' staff is being examined and the case has been submitted to the prosecutor's office, and because the two groups were not legally formed, it is not right for us to keep them in the nomination."

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