MLD Entertainment Responds to Daisy's Statement About The Manipulation of "Finding Momoland" Program
MLD Entertainment gave their response regarding the statement from MOMOLAND's Daisy. Previously, this MOMOLAND member surprised many people when said the program 'Finding Momoland' also cheating like 'Produce' program.

'Finding Momoland' is a survival program that aired on Mnet in 2016, which aims to find members of MOMOLAND girl group.

Responding to these accusations, MLD Entertainment stated, "Hello, this is MLD Entertainment. This is our agency's response to a report released through KBS today."

"First, there is no manipulation of voting or other fraud related to the selection of members in the survival program 'Finding Momoland' on Mnet."

"‘Finding Momoland’is not an audition program featuring ordinary trainees, but a survival program that aims to debut 10 trainees from our agency. To debut, participants must gather 3,000 viewers, but they cannot meet the requirements and their debut plan fails. This is why it doesn't make sense to say that this program is cheating."

"Regarding Daisy's entry into the group, we decided on the trainee contract that was eliminated after the program ended, but the agency's CEO saw Daisy's potential and recommended her to become a permanent trainee at the agency."

"Secondly, payment of the program production costs is included in the exclusive contract, which is based on the exclusive contract standard of the Fair Trade Commission, and is agreed upon by the members and their parents. Daisy also agreed to this part of the contract when she was included in the group."

"Starting last year, Daisy's mother threatened agency several times. It seems that she has taken further bad act because we did not respond to the threat."

"We have prepared evidence documents to refute Daisy's claim and we intend to respond with legal action. We are also very sorry that although we explained all this to the reporters concerned, KBS only reported one side of the story,"
said MLD Entertainment. (
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