HaSeul Confirmed Will Not Participate in LOONA's Upcoming Comeback
HaSeul has confirmed not participating in the upcoming LOONA comeback. The news about the absence of HaSeul from LOONA comeback was announced directly by Blockberry Creative agency on Wednesday (01/08).

The agency said, "Hello, this is Blockberry Creative. We have an announcement about the health condition of one of LOONA members, HaSeul."

"HaSeul recently went to the hospital to receive treatment after experiencing symptoms of anxiety disorders. There she was diagnosed with recurring anxiety disorder, and the doctor suggested she receive treatment so that she could recover fully."

"Even though HaSeul wants to keep greeting her fans as promised at their fan meeting last month, it was decided she would vacuum for a while from promotions and other schedules so she could focus on mental health care."

"HaSeul will spend time with family and group members and focus her strength on recovery. Until then, she will not participate in promoting the new album "#(Hash)."

"We sincerely apologize to all fans who like LOONA for this sudden news. The remaining 11 LOONA members will continue promotions on schedule."

"We will release a statement when we have the latest news from HaSeul's doctor regarding her condition. We ask fans to understand and keep HaSeul in their minds. Thank you,"
concluded the agency.

Get well soon HaSeul! (www.onkpop.com)
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