Cho Seung Youn Become The Next Members Who Write a Letter For Fans After The Dissolution of X1
Cho Seung Youn became the next former X1 member who wrote letters to fans. This handwritten letter was uploaded by Cho Seung Youn through his Instagram account in the early hours of Wednesday (01/08).

He wrote, "Hello everyone. Thank you very much for your help so we can have a very cool experience, while smiling and crying together next to us."

"You may be disappointed and maybe sad because I cannot return the way you want, but I will work harder so that in the future I can show my good side beside you all."

"I am an only child, but I can feel a lot of love because of younger brother and brother who look like my siblings, and I experienced many things while doing promotions with members. I think we can work harder when doing promotions because all of you who like us.”

"All of our members often think of you, there is a lot we want to show you too, so we are working hard to prepare it. Even though we stopped walking together as 11 members, I hope you will still be waiting for us, who will always be connected by invisible threads.”

"I'll be right back next to all of you so that I can be someone who always touches your hearts and hopefully you will like whatever I look like."

"Thank you for spending the best moment of 2019 with me, and I will try to repay you for everything you have given me."

"I'm always grateful and I love you all. Don't get sick and be careful not to catch a cold," he wrote. (

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