Shinsegae Company Give The Copyright Of BTS' Name to Big Hit Entertainment
The Shinsegae company finally decided to hand over the copyright to the name 'BTS' to Big Hit Entertainment. Previously, Big Hit Entertainment and Shinsegae had fought at the legal table to fight over the copyright of BTS' name.

Big Hit Entertainment was known have registered a copyright for the name 'BTS' in 2013, for two categories namely Class 35 (Sales of albums and merchandise) and Class 41 (Singers' names).

However, in 2017 the Shinsegae company registered the copyrighted name 'BTS' for 8 different categories including clothing products. Shinsegae registered the copyright name 'BTS' for their product line using the name 'Boon the Shop'.

Big Hit Entertainment then accused Shinsegae of trying to steal the copyright for the name 'BTS' from them. Big Hit Entertainment later filed an appeal and stated, "It's ridiculous how Shinsegae registered the copyright for the name 'BTS', when 'BTS' was widely known as Bangtan Sonyeondan."
After briefly disputing at the legal table, now on Tuesday (07/01) the Korea Intellectual Property Office announced that Shinsegae and Big Hit Entertainment had made peace, as Shinsegae voluntarily handed over the copyright of the name 'BTS' to Big Hit Entertainment.

Shinsegae stated, "Shinsegae Department Store has surrendered all the copyright to the name 'BTS'. Shinsegae strongly supports the activities carried out by BTS, which have now become the face of Hallyu culture," they concluded. (
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