Joy Reveals The Rules on Red Velvet's Dormitory and Has Been Reproved Because of This
Joy appeared on the KBS variety show "Happy Together 4" which aired on January 9th, 2020. Joy is open about how the situation of Red Velvet's life has changed over the past 7 years and how they can maintain close relationships with each other.

Joy first revealed how much has changed since the day of their debut. She admitted that they used to report weight and what they ate every day. They also have to get permission if they want to leave the house.

"We have more freedom. In the past, we had to send them photos of our weight and what we ate. If we want to go out and meet someone, we have to get permission and our limit is at 11 pm," said Joy.

But they got freedom and moved to an apartment with each of their own rooms. Joy revealed that the members made new rules to follow. First, if anyone wants to invite someone to the dormitory, they must notify everyone in the chat room. This helps respect each other's privacy and space.

Joy claimed that she had invited her younger sister to their dormitory without notice. As a result she got complaints from other members.

"I once invited my youngest sister to our dorm without permission and got complaints from the members. They wrote, 'Let's tell each other before. I don't think this is right'."
And I replied, "Yes, you're right. I'm sorry," Joy said.

Another rule is that all members must wash their own clothes by hand. Joy revealed that they often lost clothes, including unsuitable socks, so everyone agreed to follow the new rules.

"Our clothes are mixed up so it lost. But we don't know the reason! Nobody took it but they keep disappearing. Not just me, it happens to all members," Joy said.

But because of the new house rules, Red Velvet members can continue together for 7 years. Their close relationship is also maintained well. (

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