Han Seungwoo and Lee Eunsang Wrote a Letter to Fans After X1 Disbanded
Han Seungwoo and Lee Eunsang became the next members who wrote letters to fans after X1 disbanded. They expressed sadness and concern for fans who felt hurt over this incident. Han Seungwoo as the leader even admitted that he couldn't keep the group.

The following is a letter from Han Seungwoo released by Play M Entertainment.

"Hello, this is Han Seungwoo. First of all, I want to apologize for making all X1 fans who hear the news through articles. Through X1 activities, I learned a lot of things. The time I spent with X1 members was very valuable, and I'm grateful for that time."

"I want to thank and apologize to X1 members who believe in me, despite the belief that I am someone who does not have the qualities as a leader. Even so small, I was able to perform on stage because of fans who filled me with endless love. I appreciated those times and looked back gratefully. I really wondered how I could meet so many One It, appear on stage and receive so much love. I'm happy all the time, thanks to valuable fans who let me, who is nothing to shine. thanks."

"Once again thanks to One It and X1 members who gave me precious time that only I could dream of. I will cherish these memories forever. I also want to thank Swing Entertainment staff member who worked hard with us."

"Although it was scary to write these letter with my poor writing skills, I tried hard to write them down. I will become Han Seungwooo who can repay the love of people who always support and trust me. Thank you."

Not only Han Seungwoo, another X1 member, Lee Eunsang, also wrote a touching letter. In the letter, he revealed that his current happiness came from the fans' support. Here is Lee Eunsang's letter released by Brand New Music:

"Hello. This is Lee Eunsang. Thank you to One It, who was with X1 for our leap forward, as well as all those who supported X1. I am happy and cannot express it in words, and you have helped me make memories that I will cherish. and reflect on all my life."

"I looked back at this last moment that felt like a dream. The reason I was happy at those times was because One It, who drove X1, and the members who were really with me and all the staff members who helped us."

"To be honest, there is still a faint and gloomy feeling in my heart, but I will work hard so that I can work towards a bigger dream in the future. This is something I really miss. The next 'hello' from me will bring more hopes and aspirations. Thank you, I'm sorry, and love you."

From Lee Eun Sang. 2020.1.9 "

Previously, Son Dongpyo, Cha Junho, Kim Wooseok, Cho Seungyoun, Kang Minhee, Song Hyeongjun, and Kim Yohan also shared letters to fans after X1 dissolution. While Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon expressed their thoughts through video. (www.onkpop.com)

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