KBS Shared Another Allegations Voiced by Daisy Regarding Her Conflict MLD Entertainment
Daisy made a shocking statement about cheating on the program "Finding Momoland". KBS shared further allegations voiced by the idol.

KBS reported that the reason Daisy came to their reporters was because of her longstanding conflict with the agency. Because of this, she has requested termination of the contract with the company, but the agency demands a large penalty for violation contract in return.

KBS described how in March 2019, MOMOLAND had a comeback but with a smaller formation. Daisy did not take part in the comeback due to personal reasons. Actually that's not what happened. Daisy expressed her desire to participate in promotions again starting in May, but she was not given the opportunity for eight months after this.

Daisy said to KBS, "I told them that I thought I could join the promotion but they kept saying to me, 'No, it would be better if you rested'."

KBS reported that Daisy requested termination of her contract, but the agency demanded 1.1 billion Won penalty. Regarding what is known as a standard contract, it is stated that if an artist violates the contract, they must pay a penalty beyond compensation for damages.

KBS's advisory attorney Yang Seung Kook stated, "The agency must prove that they are carrying out their duties properly, that the artists aim to unilaterally violate their contract, and that they have actually violated their contract."

This standard contract protocol was implemented in 2009 with the aim of preventing unfair contracts between the agency and the artist, but there are criticisms of it. KBS reports that is the agency's job to secure activities for an artist, if they don't, there is no way to discipline the agency, and the protocol also allows an unfair cost system to be passed on to the artist.

MLD representatives said that it was up to the company to decide whether or not the members could join the promotion. They told Daisy to pay a penalty because she was the one who want to left. (www.onkpop.com)
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