EXO-L Divided Into 2 Side Because of Chen's Marriage, Suho Send This Messages
EXO's Chen announced his marriage via Lysn on January 13 and was confirmed by SM Entertainment as the agency. It was revealed that Chen's fiancée was pregnant and make the news to be a scandal.

Following Chen's wedding news, EXO's fandom was divided into two. There are those who support Chen's decision to marry his girlfriend who is already pregnant. But there are also those who do not want to support because they are disappointed. It was reported that there were around 25 Chen's fansite who closed their accounts.

Most disappointed fans are Korean EXO-L. They even released a letter requesting to SM Entertainment that Chen shoud left from the group. On the other hand, overseas fans want to continue to defend Chen and support him through positive messages.

In the midst of Chen's marriage scandal that made EXO-L divided into two side, Suho the leader finally responded. He shared posts via Instagram Story in the form of intelligent messages full of meaning for fans.

"We are at a step where words are not needed and only a hand sign is enough," Suho wrote with a photo of the hand with the thumb and forefinger forming a sign which is a symbol of EXO-L. This was got many reactions from the fans.

"Doesn't Korean EXO-L understand that their reaction might cause other members severe stress? They are trying to play with false worries by saying that Chen is damaging the group's image. No, it is they who are harming the group with this childish and obsessive response and rights. Let them live freely," commented fans.

"International fans support because they have a different mindset, but Korean netizens and fans are at another level. Their feelings might encourage Chen to come out like they did with Super Junior's Sungmin," another fan added. (www.onkpop.com)

EXO-L Divided Into 2 Side Because of Chen's Marriage, Suho Send This Messages

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