EXO Chen's Dating Photo Has Spread, This is Netizens Comment
EXO's Chen announced his plans to marry his girlfriend through a handwritten letter posted on the official website on Monday (13/01). Through the letter, he also told that his fiancée is pregnant.

A post on the online community site Pann discussed the relationship between Chen and his girlfriend. The post contained photos of two of them on a date taken in 2018. In the photo, Chen and his girlfriend are seen sitting facing each other enjoying bingsoo. Chen also seen didn't trying to hide his identity by not wearing a mask.

Netizens who publish the posts write, "You're amazing, Jongdae-ah... Fans told you to leave the group while you were actually dating Jung Mihee in Hangang."

The post received quite a lot of attention and comments from netizens. They noticed how this photo spread after Chen announced his wedding plans.

"A photo taken in 2018 was released today. EXO-L really tried to hide their dating scandal but they even got a pregnancy news... Well, this is the first time I've seen someone dating without wearing a mask with a non-celebrity girlfriend, Jongdae-ah"

"I don't know EXO's song after 'Growl'... But I will remember them as a group that has members who are pregnant out of wedlock and leave,"

"There must be a group of Jongdae akgae with strong polarity who will treat people who apologize for (controversy) Kunta Kinte or who mention news dating with Mihee as if they were anti-fans, hahahahaha. They protect her while hating other members, hahaha. They entered the male idol gallery and started false rumors about the other members and blasphemed them. The power of their akgae is incredible,"
added another. (www.onkpop.com)

EXO Chen's Dating Photo Has Spread, This is Netizens Comment

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