Red Velvet Canceled Their Performance at Today's Event Due to Health
Red Velvet was unable to appear at the event today due to health issue that were happening to them. The news about the absence of Red Velvet members from the 'Korea Singers Festival 2020' event on Thursday (01/16) was announced directly by SM Entertainment.

The agency said, "Red Velvet, which is scheduled to attend the "Korea Singers Festival 2020" event today, could not participate in the shooting process because the members were infected with the flu. We ask for understanding from the fans who are present at the event."

An agency representative also added, "All Red Velvet members have flu symptoms, so they have to rest today. It looks like they will still be able to carry out their activities in the future including touring in Japan."

Currently, Red Velvet members are doing activities with four members, remembering that Wendy was in a vacuum after an accident on stage at the end of 2019. (
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