Agency Reveal Dating Scandal is The Reason Daisy Not Allowed to Promote With MOMOLAND
Daisy is now don't get along with the agency, related with her accusation through KBS interview that mentioned the survival program "Finding Momoland" which claimed Momoland was apparently rigged by voting manipulation.

Daisy also revealed that each Momoland member was required to pay nearly 70 million Won for the production cost of "Finding Momoland". In addition, Daisy has been banned from promotion for almost a year with Momoland.

When they wanted to file a contract termination, the agency asked for a penalty fee 1.1 billion Won. It made the agency gave their statement again.

MLD Entertainment revealed that Daisy was banned from promotion with MOMOLAND after involved in a dating scandal with iKON's Yunhyeong in early February 2019. But Daisy's mother was involved in the prohibition.

"During the 8 month period starting in May 2019, MOMOLAND did not even having an official promotions such as releasing a domestic album. Since the release of their fifth mini album 'I'm So Hot' in March 2019, Momoland has not carried out official group promotions other than unit activities for around 9 months The reason is because of our conflict with Daisy."

"In February 2019, Daisy was involved in a dating scandal. After checking with her, we released an official statement confirming that the scandal was true. Then three days later, Daisy's mother asked us to get Daisy out from MOMOLAND."

"Daisy also knows her mother's intentions. But as a group that is in the process of preparing a comeback album, we ask Daisy to take a break from promotion. Then on March 12, 2019, March 27, 2019 and July 30, 2019, Daisy's mother sent us three different legal documents. about asking for the termination of Daisy's contract."

"In August 2019, we expressed our intention to allow the termination of the contract. The contract without penalty through Daisy's legal representatives. Then Daisy refused the offer, instead of escalating the ongoing conflict by accusing us of 'demanding illegal payments'."

"In addition, we have no choice but to send legal documents on our side, reject their initial request to terminate Daisy's contract and also explain the need to pay the contract termination fee if they try to terminate the contract first."

Meanwhile, the agency had previously announced they would take legal action because felt their name had been defamed by Daisy. On the other hand, Daisy managed to get full support related to the dispute with this agency. (
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