X1 Debut Song's Composer Wrote a Touching Message to Cheer The Members Up
The agency's decision to dissolve X1 is still a saddenfor fans. This started when the 11-member group formed through the survival program "Produce X101" that aired by Mnet became the public spotlight after revealed the manipulation in member selection process.

On Monday (06/01) yesterday, the agencies of each group finally announced their agreement to dissolve X1. CJ ENM as the company responsible is expressing trying so X1 can continue activities. But the company respected the position of the agency that decided X1 would disperse.

After the disbandment, several members spoke up. Some of them write letters and say apologies for disappointing fans. Not only that, the composer of X1's "Flash" debut song Lim Han Byul also wrote a touching letter.

Yesterday, Tuesday (07/01), the singer and songwriter dedicated a sincere letter to members of X1 which contained words of encouragement. Promoting as a solo artist, member of Monday Kiz, and under the name of composer Onestar, Lim Han Byul worked on X1's debut song, "Flash"

"After arguing about it since yesterday, I left this letter carefully. I think I would regret if I did not say these things now, as an older brother who saw people sweating through everything up close."

"Who knew that the photo I saved for that day, when I could use it to brag about you guys, would be a very valuable memory. Who knew that the days of working hard in the recording studio with hands and feet and expressions of admiration and surprised that you appearing on Gocheok will all be a past that fades so fast."

"I apologize for not being more compassionate, at that time believing that I would meet more of you in the future. But I am sure all of you will definitely have support, I mean someone like me is still making music even after all those bad falls. Mistake what you have, when all you do is work hard."

"Rise back confidently and strongly, to many fans who support you. I will sincerely pray that all of you fly high above the mistakes of adults with everyone watching. Let's meet again, you all did very well!" (www.onkpop.com)

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