Red Velvet Releases Performance Video for 'Psycho'
Red Velvet has released a performance video for their latest song, 'Psycho'. This performance video was uploaded through Red Velvet's official YouTube channel on Wednesday (07/01), two weeks after releasing the music video 'Psycho'.

'Psycho' is the title song of the repackage album 'The ReVe Festival: Finale', which has now been watched more than 45 million times on YouTube.

Through this video performance, fans can see the charismatic and elegant performances of the five members of Red Velvet while dancing the choreography of 'Psycho'.

This video performance is certainly enough to treat fans' who miss Wendy, who recently was in a vacuum after an accident on stage at the end of 2019.

Without needing to wait any longer, watch the following 'Psycho' performance video from Red Velvet! (

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