After 3 Years Left 'Running Man', Gary Announced to Join 'Superman Is Back'
Shocking news came from Kang Gary. Because on Tuesday (01/07) the former member of "Running Man" was announced to join the popular KBS program "Superman Is Back".

Gary is said want to showing another side of himself as a father of Kang Ha Oh who is already 26 months old. The child is revealed to love music and has impressive speaking skills.

"Superman Is Back" itself will be Gary's first program after the last 3 years on hiatus from the television industry. The 1978-born rapper is known have decided to leave "Running Man" range in November 2016.

The news Gary joined in "Superman Is Back" himself was quite welcomed by enthusiastic fans. Many claim to be impatient to see how the family and his wife.

"Gary! It's good to see you again," 

"Yeay! Gary is back," 

"Then, we also have a chance to know more about his wife. Can't wait to see Kang family," 

Gary himself often shares his holiday moments with his son on his personal Instagram account. But in the photos, the singer of "Get Some Air" is still hiding his son's face.

Meanwhile, the "Superman Is Back" episode Gary will reportedly be airing starting next February. For those who are curious, stay tuned for the latest information here. (
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