Admits Like Jimin Since BTS Debut, Ailee Want to Collaborate
Starting her career in 2012, Ailee is now listed as one of the respected soloists. The 1989-born singer is known for her melodious voice and has spawned a series of popular songs, one of the song is 'I Will Go to You Like the First Snow".

Ailee recently underwent an interview with Eric Nam. Here, the singer who once lived in America revealed who was her favorite member of BTS, who apparently was Jimin.

"There's something in his voice, the way he sings that seems to tease you," said Ailee, describing how charming Jimin's voice was. The singer of "I Will Show You" also revealed that she really admired Jimin's talent.

"It's not like I'm saying that I'm attracted to him like that, but his voice is very charming," said Ailee. "And the way of singing is also amazing. The way he sings all the vocal and falsetto sometimes is like, 'Who is this person?'."

"Actually, I've liked the sound since before they exploded in America," Ailee continued. "When they were rookies, when they were new, I already said, 'I want to sing with him'."

"I saw them appearing on music shows and I saw them and all I could say was, 'Who is that? He's so cool. I want to sing with him someday," said Ailee.

Interestingly again, Ailee has begun the process of collaboration with Jimin, one of them by finding a suitable song. "Actually, I was looking for a song to sing with him and then they exploded and I could only say, 'OK'." (

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