Three PDs Reportedly Leave YG Entertainment
YG Entertainment is reported have lost three PDs in their company. In 2017, three PDs from MBC consisting of Cho Suh Yoon, Je Young Jae, and Kim Min Jong joined YG Entertainment.

After entering YG Entertainment, Cho Suh Yoon was appointed as Executive Managing Director of the Contents Production 2 team, while Je Young Jae and Kim Min Jong were involved in the production of various programs including the 'Do the Right Thing' program on JTBC.

Now Kim Min Jong is said have moved to the KakaoM company. Meanwhile Cho Suh Yoon and Je Young Jae plan to join E Channel's t.cast.

According to Bridge News media, with the release of the PDs, it's likely that YG Entertainment will reduce the production of variety show programs.

Even so, YG Entertainment will reportedly continue to produce audition programs or programs related to music. (
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