The fate of IZ*ONE and X1 will be determined at the end of 2019
The fate of IZ*ONE and X1 project groups is rumored to be determined by the end of 2019. According to reports from the Ilgan Sports media on Tuesday (03/12), CJENM as the owner of Mnet will make a decision regarding of IZ*ONE and X1 at the end of 2019, after considering the opinions of the members and their agencies.

Ilgan Sports also reported that members and agencies of the two groups have opinions divided into two parts, namely the one that wants to defend the group and the one that wants to dissolve the group. But reportedly for now there are more parties who want the group to be disbanded soon.

Because of the voting manipulation scandal carried out by PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Yong Bum, this step is expected to end the controversy surrounding the 'Produce' program as quickly as possible. The survey results also stated that there were many fans in Korea who wanted the group to be disbanded.

The new CJENM will take further steps to determine the fate of IZ*ONE and X1, after the '2019 MAMA' has been completed on December 4, 2019 tomorrow.

CJENM also stated that they still had not decided whether they would release the original data from the results of the voting program before being manipulated, because this could cause further problems for trainees and group members.

"There are many things that we cannot ignore, we will decide whether we will release the original data or not after further discussion," said the CJENM. (
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