Revealed, Here Are Some Victims Of 'Produce' Voting Manipulation
Finally, the names of participants in 'Produce' were revealed that were victims of voting manipulation. On Saturday (12/14), Newsis media gave their exclusive report on the case of voting manipulation in 'Produce' program on Mnet.

The resource person behind the 'Produce' program said that it was impossible to record all 101 trainees fairly. At first, PD Ahn Joon Young asked each agency to send two trainees. But the agency that gave bribes to Ahn Joon Young or had a good relationship with PD Ahn gained a lot of benefits, sending up to more than 4 trainees.

In addition, the resource person also mentioned that trainees from this agency could learn the choreography of  'Pick Me', 'Nekkoya' and 'X1-MA' earlier than other participants.

Regarding the voting manipulation in 'Produce 101' season 2 program, one of the speakers said, "4 NU'EST members joined season 2. Apart from Hwang Min Hyun, there were actually other NU'EST members who made it to the top 11. But he was excluded for the sake of NU’EST's promotional activities in the future. I believe that it is the collaboration carried out by CJ with NU’EST agency, rather than the decision taken by PD Ahn Joon Young."

Not only NU'EST, another resource person also said, "CJ decided that it was difficult for X1 to do promotions, so they held a meeting and gave advice to the staff. The winner in the first place is actually Kim Woo Seok UP10TION. Another UP10TION member, Lee Jin Hyuk, was actually in the top 11, but he was eventually expelled. In the history of Mnet, no participant who has debuted can reach first place," he said. (
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