Not Apologize Yet to Big Hit Entertainment, JTBC is criticized by Korean netizens
JTBC has drawn a lot of criticism from South Korean netizens for not apologizing to Big Hit Entertainment. Previously the 'Newsroom' on JTBC had reported that BTS members were planning to sue Big Hit Entertainment. 

According to the 'Newsroom', BTS members have met with lawyers to sue Big Hit Entertainment for unfair distribution of work.

However, the news was immediately denied raw by Big Hit, which stated that the BTS members' meeting with the law firm was only to ascertain the contents of their contract.

In addition, Big Hit Entertainment also demanded an apology from JTBC, which is considered to have defamed BTS and their agency. Even so, until now JTBC has still not conveyed their apologies.

That's what made a lot of Korean netizens on the Nate website comment critically to JTBC:

"Now Japan really hates BTS, for some reason the Korean media even deliver news whose information is still uncertain like that so defame them. It's sad because we have shown the world how dilapidated the media in this country are,"

"What do you expect from cable television?"

"I see American fans wondering why Koreans hate BTS so much, and I think they are right. Korean media flocked to bring down BTS. Even Nate never posted a positive article about BTS on the front page,"

"The 'Newsroom' program has lost its credibility,"

"Why don't they provide clarifications or apologies?"
And many other critical comments. (
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