Mnet Will Stop Making a Survival Program After 'Produce' Controversy?
Mnet is rumored would stopping production for survival programs on their television stations. On Wednesday (18/12) yesterday, CJENM was asked to attend a meeting held by the Korea Communications Standards Commission or commonly abbreviated as KCSC.

Kang Ji Hoon as the Content Operations Strategy Team Manager at Mnet was present as a representative of CJENM.

Through the meeting, Kang Ji Hoon was asked about many things related to the controversy of the voting manipulation program.

When asked whether they recognized the results of the 'Produce' voting had been manipulated, Kang Ji Hoon replied, "We don't recognize that the 'Produce' voting number has been manipulated. We know that there is a problem with the results of the vote, and we have requested an investigation into it."

He was also asked if Mnet would continue to make a survival program and he answered with, "I think it's better to call it an audition program rather than a survival program, but we plan to avoid such programs in the future and will make programs more focused on music."

KCSC members then asked the 'World Class' program which aired after 'Produce' controversy. Kang Ji Hoon then explained, "The format of the program in selecting members through voting is indeed similar, but we do not organize and store the data ourselves so that similar problems do not occur again," he said. (
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