BTOB Surprised Fans by Releasing Mysterious Teaser
BTOB is known not too active to promote this year. This is because some of the members are on mandatory military service. However, recently, fans were excited after the agency released something on the group's official Twitter account.

The group made by Cube Entertainment suddenly released a mysterious photo. The teaser didn't provide much information so that makes fans confused. The teaser only wrote the number "2/6" and also 3 different moon emojis.

This certainly makes fans wonder. Many people think that BTOB will soon make a comeback by releasing an album, but not a few people think that this is a teaser for group projects or solo members.

However, fans still hope this will be their entertainer after a long wait for BTOB. This is because after three members left for duty in the military, the group didn't too active in promoting as a group.

BTOB was last known doing activities as a group while celebrating their 7th birthday by holding an exhibition for fans. After that, some of them are known have a lot of solo activities such as Peniel and Hyunsik.

Eunkwang became the first BTOB member that officially undergo a military service. This BTOB leader officially joined the military training of the 27th Hwacheon Infantry Division on August 21st.

While Changsub became the second member to undergo military service followed by Minhyuk. Changsub officially entered the military training camp on January 14th, while Minhyuk was confirmed to be a military police officer on February 7. (
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