Gyuri Ex KARA Shares Tribute to The Late Goo Hara
Gyuri became the next former member of KARA to write a touching message to the late Goo Hara. A week after Goo Hara's death, Gyuri finally wrote a message through her Instagram account on Monday (02/12).

She wrote, "One week has passed. I don't know how every day has passed. Time never waits for anyone and keeps flowing. I wonder if this is what we mean when we say that time is something cold-hearted."

"I'm not sure how I will respond to people if they ask me if I'm okay, so I just stay at home all the time. I can't set my mind. Everything is empty."
"To be honest, I want to pray alone. But even if it doesn't reach you directly, if I write it like this and make at least one more person pray for you, wouldn't that make me closer to you? I think it will be a little better. That's what everyone might feel."

"I still don't know anything. It still wasn't real, and I was surprised, but I thought this might be better than thinking too deep. As you know, I'm not someone like this. Will it cheer you up if we admit that we are both weak?"

"There's still a lot that I can't say, and there's a lot more that I want to say, but ... I'm sorry and I love you, and I'm sorry and I love you, again. Hara Our beautiful Hara. Rest in peace," wrote the idol. (

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