Block B's Park Kyung Praises BTS' Jin After Speaks Out Against Sajaegi in '2019 MAMA'
Block B's Park Kyung recently praises BTS' Jin speech at the 2019 MAMA. The praise was delivered by him to BTS, after Jin speech about chart manipulation (sajaegi) when welcoming the Daesang award trophy at 'MAMA 2019'.

As when welcoming the Song of the Year trophy, Jin said, "We hope musicians can release honest music."

When presenting the radio program 'Park Kyung's Dreaming Radio' on December 5, 2019, Park Kyung briefly discussed the speech delivered by BTS members at '2019 MAMA'.

While playing the BTS song 'Make It Right', Park Kyung said, "We listened to BTS collaboration song with Lauv. I saw yesterday that BTS won many award trophies. They also give cool speeches."

Park Kyung was previously sued by many musicians in South Korea, after blatantly mentioning the names of the musicians he considered have manipulated music chart (sajaegi). (
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