X1 Apparently Has Not Signed a Contract With CJ ENM
X1 reportedly has not signed their exclusive contract with CJ ENM company. Although they have made their debut since last August, until now X1 has not been bound by a contract with CJ ENM, the company that makes the 'Produce X101' program.

According to reports from Ilgan Sports media, CJ ENM and the agency of X1 members are constantly discussing the contents of the contract, but the contract has not been signed by all agencies.

While Joy News 24's media mentioned that some X1 member agencies have signed contracts with CJ ENM, while other agencies have not signed the contract because they have not agreed with the contents of the contract.

Reporting from Ilgan Sports, a source said, "While an investigation into voting manipulation is underway, the advertising contract with X1 has been canceled and it is very difficult for them to appear on television."

"That is why some agencies say that they will only sign the contract after seeing the results of the police investigation. In the case of IZ*ONE, members only signed contracts 6 months after they debuted. Therefore CJ ENM has no problem if member X1 has not signed the contract till now."

Previously PD Ahn Joon Young had confessed that he manipulated the results of the voting programs 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X101', two survival programs that claimed IZ*ONE and X1. (www.onkpop.com)
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