Ladies Code's Sojung Said Her Birthday Full of Sadness After the Death of Rise and EunB
On Tuesday (12/11), Ladies' Code members, Ashley, Zuny and Sojung appeared on "Eye Contact". In this event, they told about the bitter experience of the accident that caused the death of their two members Rise and EunB.

Even though the car accident happened 5 years ago, the remaining three Ladies' Code members still miss Rise and EunB very much. Even more sad, the accident occurred to coincide with Sojung's birthday on September 3, 2014.

For Sojung, 3 September five years ago was a very difficult day in which she lost her closest friends. Since then, Sojung could not spend her birthday with a smile again and was filled with sad feelings.

"I no longer consider September 3 to be my birthday. I remember Ladies' Code members wish me a happy birthday and prepare a small party for me in the car. We then fell asleep and that's all."

Sojung then recounted having an accident while sleeping. Sojung opened her eyes at the hospital where she found Ashley crying very hard looking at her cellphone. Sojung realized that she lost her good friends. EunB died on the day of the accident and Rise died four days after that, on September 7.

Sojung also mentioned how painful it was when she first woke up. However, when she found out that EunB and Rise had passed away, she felt like she didn't even deserve the pain she was feeling.

"Every year on September 3, I go and see them in the morning. I don't feel like I have a birthday wish," said Sojung, sobbing.

Hearing Sojung's honest feelings, Ashely and Zuny mentioned how they hoped that Sojung could now return to her life and be happy. However, Sojung said that she still could not accept the fact that Ladies' Code lost 2 members on her birthday.

"Honestly, I still haven't forgotten them. I'm still having trouble accepting the fact that I lost them," said Sojung sadly. (

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