IU Finally Release 'Abouve The Time' MV
IU finally released her latest music video entitled 'Above The Time'. The music video 'Above The Time' was released on Monday (11/18) at 12.00 KST, just 6 hours before releasing her latest album.

It has been previously reported that 'Above The Time' is a sequel from the music video 'You & I' which was released in 2011. As in the music video 'You & I', IU traveled to 2019.

Like the music video 'You & I', 'Above The Time' music video also starring by actor Lee Hyun Woo. Not only showing their acting skills, in this music video IU and Lee Hyun Woo also danced along with IU's music and vocals that sounded so beautiful.

After releasing the music video 'Above The Time', IU will release the new album 'Love Poem' and the music video 'The Visitor' at 18:00 KST today.

Watch the music video 'Above The Time' from IU below! (www.onkpop.com)

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