Accused of Using Breast Implants, Here is Rainbow's Hyunyoung Response
Hyunyoung answered hater's comments which called her using breast implants. After holding a comeback with Rainbow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut, Hyunyoung recently uploaded her latest photo on Instagram.

In the photo Hyunyoung looks so cute and sexy, by showing parts of her breasts in front of the camera.

Although many fans gave support comments and praise, there were also netizens who gave negative comments after seeing the photo.

One of the comments said, "By posting your own photo that shows clearly that you have used breast implants, do you intentionally want to tell everyone? If your breasts look fake, you should cover it up more."

Finding the comment, Hyunyoung immediately replied, "I'm sorry, but if you didn't intentionally write this comment so everyone knows the contents of your head are empty, I suggest you immediately delete it," she replied to the hater. (

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