AB6IX's Park Woo Jin Confirmed Will Hiatus After Do Surgery for Injury
AB6IX's Park Woo Jin is reported have a surgery for the injury he was experiencing. On Tuesday (11/19) the Brand New Music agency that houses AB6IX released an official announcement.

In the announcement the agency stated, "Park Woo Jin received first aid for the injury he experienced while carrying out an event scheduled for November 16 and was immediately taken to the hospital to receive treatment. After being examined, he was diagnosed with a meniscus rips in his knee."

"Following the doctor's advice, Park Woo Jin conducted further treatments and underwent surgery. Currently he is resting and focusing on recovery after completing the operation, and he will focus on maintaining his health and resting for a while."
"Therefore the agency will make our best efforts in the care and rehabilitation for Park Woo Jin's full recovery, and AB6IX activities including the '2019 BRANDNEW YEAR' concert will be performed by four members of Lim Young Min, Jeon Woong, Kim Dong Hyun, and Lee Dae Hwi without Park Woo Jin."

"Further announcements regarding additional activities and information are scheduled to be conveyed in the future. We request the understanding of the fans regarding the absence of Park Woo Jin, and we ask for your support from all of you so that Park Woo Jin can recover soon."

"We will always try our best to maintain health and provide protection for our artists,"
concluded the agency. Hopefully Park Woo Jin can recover soon! (www.onkpop.com)
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